Sports Plus

Sports Plus is a youth club run by our church each Saturday night. Our aim as a church based youth club is to show our Lord to the children by simply being ourselves and getting involved with them.

A typical Saturday night involves everyone being involved in playing games in the main hall, leaders and all, such as dodgeball basketball and volleyball to name a few. After this the children can pretty much do as they please from football, table tennis, pool or head up to the sofa room to watch tele and chill out. At 8.45 each evening we have our centre point which consists of usually someone from our church coming to speak to the children for 10 minutes on what The Lord has done for them. Then it's back to whatever they wish to do for the last hour. We also supply supper in this last hour, including pizza, dippers and chips. This brings us to 10 o'clock our finishing time.

So why not give our youth club a try, we will make you most welcome and we're sure you'll have a great night.

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