Rainbows are the youngest section in Girlguiding and are for girls aged between 4 and 7 years old. They meet in the church hall on Thursday evenings from 6.30-7.30pm.

Rainbows is all about developing self-confidence, building friendships, learning new things and having fun. Girls get their hands dirty with arts and crafts, trying out baking, storytelling and playing games. Rainbows is all about learning by doing.

Rainbows follow a programme called the Rainbow Jigsaw, through which they can take part in lots of different activities with girls their own age.

The Rainbow Jigsaw has four areas:
Look Learn Laugh Love

Look: We encourage girls to look around them and learn about their own environment and community, perhaps through craft or games.
Learn: Rainbows learn by taking part in a wide range of activities such as trying out crafts and recipes and playing games.
Laugh: Rainbows have lots of fun. Meetings involve games, songs, parties, celebrations and making a mess!
Love: Through Rainbows, girls learn about caring and sharing with family and friends, working together, fair play, and being considerate and helpful to others.

For further details contact Andrea: 07968949490.

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