The Brownie Section is an organisation for girls between the ages of 7 and 10. We meet each Wednesday evening in the Church hall from 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm. The adult leaders and helpers involved in the Brownies are Sandra Hook, Gillian McClintock, Joan McKibben, Claire Greer and Rosemary Henry. We also have help again this year from Kirsty McClintock who is working for her young leadership award.

We currently have 35 Brownies and our programme this year to date has included:
- craft items & Brownie figures for our notice board, items to decorate the Church window for the Harvest Service, Christmas craft and bookmarks.
- activities to learn about our senses: sight, taste, touch, smell & sound.
- health and hygiene awareness including consideration of our eating habits & the healthy and not so healthy foods.
- basic cooking and food decoration.
- gadget and games night.
- at Christmas we went to the cinema to see Happy Feet.
- attendance at the special service held in Church for the 75th Anniversary of Cullybackey Scouts.
- sponsored walk in aid of Scout & Guide Group Council funds.

After Easter we normally include activities that allow the girls to be outside; weather permitting. This will involve such things as a scavenger hunt, visit to Arthur Cottage or walk down the Millennium path.
We finish up at the end of May with the parades to the Childrens' Day Services in the Methodist and Cuningham.
We plan to go back to Ballycastle for a pack holiday weekend in June. There the girls will have craft items, visit the park, the beach and of course the shops on the Saturday afternoon. The leaders look after the catering for the weekend but on the Saturday night we usually have a Chinese carry out and the Brownies have their talent show.
The weekend is a great opportunity for the leaders and girls to build on the friendships made throughout the year.
This organisation gives young girls a chance to participate in events individually and as part of a group, to develop skills and new interests and to make lasting friendships.

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